Compete and win more customers using blockchain technology.

  • Connect with more customers.
  • Increase consumer confidence.
  • Accelerate company growth by building trust.

Supercharge your local marketing

Using our platform, submit your public facts about your company and we’ll push that data to the top maps, directories, apps and social networks.
We’ll mint and drop into your digital wallet a business ID containing all your public and private data.
You decide which information on your ID to share with your customers.
Giving you the ultimate advantage in the war for the local customer.

Rank higher

Customers are scattered across numerous devices, applications, vertical directories, and social media networks.

Publish your business information across all of these sites to
rank higher and be found.

Increase consumer confidence

Your business ID allows you to communicate to the top directories, map applications, and social networks that you are the owner of the business and that the information is accurate.

Convert more customers

Customers want answers before they decide to take an action.
Leverage our patent pending process and digital wallet to reveal sensitive data to potential customers.

Create a new revenue stream

Facebook and Google earn billions of dollars from your data.
Blockchain technology has now empowered you to sell and monetize your own data.

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