Are you aware that about 90% of consumers read reviews first before actually checking out the business? If your business has more negative than positive reviews, chances are these consumers will not visit your site or store.

Reviews can also impact 67.7% of a consumer’s decision to purchase a product or a service, which means it’s important to ensure your business has a good reputation. And this is where business reputation management comes in. 

Business reputation management is the process of monitoring and managing your organization’s presence both online and even offline (especially businesses with physical stores.) A positive reputation can always do business well — this means customers are likely to trust you and buy from you.

If your brand has a negative reputation, this can significantly impact your bottom line. You need to work on improving your reputation to gain a customer’s trust and generate more sales to thrive in the industry.

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How to Improve Your Business’ Reputation

Online brand reputation management is a continuous process as you’ll need to do this constantly. When you are perceived as a good business, you’ll have to keep improving to maintain a good image. When you get negative reviews, take action immediately as this is the only way to turn things around. 

The first step is to research your business online. Find out what your customers are saying about your brand. If possible, consider using business reputation management tools to make the process easier. Better yet, hire professionals to help monitor and manage your business reputation. 

As soon as you know how people perceive your business, the next step is to develop a plan to correct your reputation and improve it more. You might want to monitor social media comments, mentions and reviews. Always respond to customer feedback (even for positive reviews) to make customers feel you value their opinions.

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Tips for improving business reputation:

  1. Ask for positive reviews from your loyal customers. Encourage them to post on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor or Facebook. You can also place these reviews on your website so that other customers can view them.
  2. Listen to customer feedback and respond to them appropriately. You might want to also use tools to help you analyze comments about your brands. 
  3. Set up a team to help you effectively manage your online reputation. You can also hire experienced professionals to help build your online presence. 
  4. Improve customers’ experience with your brand. You can never go wrong by going the extra mile for a client such as giving an overnight delivery for free and other actions that can help a customer. 
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