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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find emails regarding communication?

All our welcome, status and progress emails are sent from

When will I receive my welcome email?

You should receive your Welcome email within 24 hours of your purchase.

What if I did not receive my welcome email?

This tends to be caused by the filters on your email provider when it receives an automatic email. Our email does come from and may be sent to Spam mistakenly. Not to worry, first check your Spam folder and search for any emails from “”. If you can find an email from us, simply add us as a contact which will fix this issue in the future. You will then receive future emails to your primary inbox. If you still can’t find the email you were expecting, please email us at or call us at 800-291-1577

How long will it take for my business to be Voice Search ready?

Your voice registration is considered complete 3-4 weeks after the completion email is sent.

How can I verify my business is Voice Search Ready?

By asking any of the voice search devices your business name or phone number you will populate when your voice search is complete.

Still can’t find your business after the waiting period.

Each platform is different, we do have access to all devices to assist with verifying the business is voice search ready. Feel free to reach us at

How can I reach my account manager?

Here at apnTech, we work as a collective team to assist you on your account.
24/7 Feel free to email us at requesting support or call us at 800-291-1577 during our normal business hours of 9:00 AM-7:00 PM EST Monday – Friday.

Will apnTech keep in contact with me along the way?

Yes, we love keeping you up to date on the work being provided for you online. We take pride in joining your team to help gain a stronger online presence. We will email you status updates every step of the way.

When do I receive my listings report?

You should receive a copy of all listings being syndicated on your behalf with profiles within 3-4 weeks.

What if there is missing/incorrect information on my report?

All listings work on their own time frames and update themselves at different times. Please email us the information you see incorrect and on what platform. You can also contact us at 800-291-1577 to review the information being syndicated.

What times can I call apnTech to speak to my account manager?

We are available via email 24/7 or you may call us t 800-291-1577 between the hours of 9:00 AM-7:00 PM EST Monday – Friday.

What is apnTech's Cancellation of Subscription Policy?

In the event that the Customer would like to cancel their subscription they must inform apnTech of their intention to cancel their subscription at least 48 hours (2) days before the next scheduled payment in their billing cycle to avoid being charged for the following month. Your subscription can be canceled by calling us directly at 800-291-1577 M-F 7 AM-4 PM PST. Your syndication will then terminate at the end of your final billing period. If you experience any issues canceling your subscription, please notify us at with “Cancellation Request” in the subject line.

What is apnTech's Voice Search Registration Policy?

All customer cancellations must be requested before your business is submitted to the Voice Search registration platforms and your submission email is emailed out to you. Voice search registrations are submitted within 24hrs from time of purchase.

Help Guides

How to Add or claim your business on Google My Business

With Google My Business, you can:

  • Add your business information to Google Maps, Search, and other Google services
  • Create or get access to a Business Profile on Google

Here is a simple video on how to create a Google Business page: 

Click Here > Add or Claim a Business on GMB 

Below is a link to get more information on the steps in the video:

Google My Business Help 

How to add Angie's List to reviews monitoring for Birdeye Review Program

Unlike other review sites, Angie’s List is a unique site that needs more information than just the URL for it to be added under monitoring to aggregate new reviews.


In addition to the company’s profile URL, you will need to add – Username, Password, and Account/Profile ID attached to your Angie’s List account to be able to aggregate reviews into the Birdeye platform.


To add Angie’s List to review monitoring sites, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the left navigation rail of your Birdeye dashboard. Navigate to ‘Reviews’ tab and click on ‘Review sites’ option under ‘Monitoring’.

A new page will open showcasing all your review sites. To add a new site to monitoring, click on the ‘Add monitoring’ button next to the refresh icon.

Now, select ‘Angie’s List’ from scroll down menu next to ‘Source’

Fill in the ‘URL’, ‘Username’, ‘Password’ and ‘Account/Profile ID’ for your business’ profile to be able to aggregate reviews onto the Birdeye platform and click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right. NOTE: After you enter the URL, click on the ‘Verify URL’ button to verify that you have entered the correct URL. 

Birdeye will use the above information to access your Angie’s List account for aggregating reviews and making them available within Birdeye dashboard just like it is done for any other review site.