Local presence management uses geo-optimization to help businesses, especially those with multiple locations, improve their visibility online. It’s a tool used for managing a business’ digital footprint to help improve local SEO, giving the customers correct information to either visit or contact the business. 

One of its functions is to monitor business information online to ensure it’s updated and it’s accurate. Otherwise, the potential customers might think the business is no longer operating. It’s incredibly important for brick-and-mortar stores to work in this area, especially those with multiple locations in a certain market. With local presence management, you’ll need to make sure all business information is consistent including the contact information and business hours. 

How does this work:

You’ll need to look at business directories, map listings, and review sites, and ensure all information is updated and accurate. Check if the business address is updated, especially for those with a lot of locations. 

Local presence management also includes monitoring brand reputation by checking reviews of each location. It can help you build better visibility for your business and generate more profit.

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To improve your local presence management, you’ll need to focus on some areas including social channels, directories, brand validation, advertising and organic search. Are you listed on online directories and are you on Foursquare? Check these listings and ensure the information there is updated. Remember, apps like Alexa and Siri might collect information from other sources including online directories. You lose a potential customer if you’re not able to provide accurate information about your business. 

For brand validation, you can look for these on social media channels or reviews from sites like Quora and other platforms. You might want to consider creating profiles for these platforms so that you can respond to user queries as well. 

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Local presence management can help you connect with your customers, improve your SEO as well as help you generate more revenue for your business. 

If possible, look for tools that can help you better manage your local presence management. Better yet, consider working with experienced professionals who can help you track brand mentions or review directory listings to ensure the information is consistent and updated.

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