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    Google Listing On Maps Key Takeaways:

    • Google My Business is a free tool that helps businesses promote themselves and engage with customers.
    • Setting up and verifying your business is the first step in managing your Google My Business Listing.
    • Fill out all relevant information, including business name, category, address, phone number, operating hours, website, and more.
    • Verification is done through a postcard sent by Google, which may take up to two weeks.
    • After verification, optimize your listing by incorporating relevant keywords and adding photos and videos.
    • Add photos such as company logo, business photos, or a cover photo to make your listing more attractive and active.
    • Consider adding videos, especially for businesses like real estate, to enhance user engagement.
    • Regularly update your listing with any changes in operating hours or phone number.
    • Respond to both positive and negative reviews to engage with customers and improve rankings.
    • Add relevant keywords to future posts for better local SEO.
    • Promptly respond to messages and share updates about your business.
    • If you need help managing your Google Business Profile, reach out to experienced professionals who can assist you.

    Google My Business is a free and useful tool to help you promote your business and engage with your customers. For businesses with physical stores, this can significantly improve local SEO as well as help you connect with a potential customer who’s likely to visit your business location in the near future. 

    Read this helpful guide to help you better manage your Google My Business Listing. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or if you want to learn more about how we can help your business.

    How to Get Started

    The first step is to set up your business and get verified. You can easily do this by filling out the necessary information including your business name and category, products and services, phone number, business address, operating hours, website and other relevant information. As much as possible, fill out all details to help you get a better ranking. 

    To get verified, you’ll need to wait for the postcard that will be sent by Google. This can take up to two weeks, depending on your location.

    What to do after getting verified: 

    As soon as you’re completely verified by Google, the next step is to optimize your listing by incorporating relevant keywords into your profile. Work with your SEO team to help you determine the right keywords that can help your business. 

    Don’t forget to add more photos to your business listing. Some of the photos you can upload include the company logo, business photos or a cover photo. If you have current offers or events, consider adding this as well. More information about your business tells Google you’re an active listing and will give you a better ranking. 

    Uploading videos can enhance users to either check out your website or visit your physical store. Consider adding a video especially when you’re in the real estate business. A virtual tour of the properties you’re selling can help. Just make sure you follow the guidelines on creating and publishing videos on Google Business Profile. 

    Maintain your Google My Business Profile

    If you changed your operating hours or phone number, make sure to also update your listing. In the customer review section, we highly encourage you to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Engaging with your customers doesn’t just help your rankings, it can also help you build loyal followers. 

    For future posts, don’t forget to add relevant keywords to help with your local SEO. Respond to messages promptly and don’t forget to add what’s new with your business. 

    Get in Touch With Us

    Do you need help with your Google Business Profile? Our experienced team can create and maintain your business listing. We help businesses connect with their target audience and generate more revenue. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our services.

    Google My Business is a valuable tool that helps businesses with physical stores promote their business and engage with customers effectively.

    The first step is to set up and verify your business to ensure that you have control over your Google My Business listing.

    You should fill out all the necessary details, including business name, category, products/services, contact information, operating hours, and website, to enhance your ranking.

    You can optimize your listing by incorporating relevant keywords into your profile, which will improve your ranking and local SEO performance.

    You should add photos such as your logo, business photos, cover photo, and current offers/events to make your listing more engaging and active.

    Uploading videos, especially for real estate businesses, can enhance user experience and encourage website visits or store visits by providing virtual tours of properties.

    Regularly updating your listing with any changes to operating hours or contact information ensures that customers have accurate and up-to-date information about your business.

    Responding to both positive and negative customer reviews not only builds customer loyalty but also improves your rankings on Google My Business.

    To boost local SEO, add relevant keywords to your future posts, and respond to messages promptly to engage with your audience effectively.

    If you need help with your Google Business Profile, you can reach out to a professional team that can create and maintain your listing, helping you connect with your target audience and generate more revenue.

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