Understanding Local Citations: What Are Local Citations for Businesses?

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    Local Citation for Business Key Takeaways:

    • Local citations are online mentions of a company or brand’s name and contact information, and they are important for SEO and gaining more traffic.
    • Local citations can help with consumer discovery, increase local SEO ranking, grow brand visibility and awareness, bring in more reviews, and improve reputation.
    • Accuracy is crucial when creating business directory listings or publishing company information online.
    • Consider different types of local citations, including geographical platforms, search engines, review sites, social media platforms, and miscellaneous unstructured mentions.
    • Develop a local citation strategy by setting goals, seeking listings with major aggregators, publishing on sites like Yelp and Google My Business, and using submission services.
    • Consistency is key in managing local citations and regularly updating listings.
    • Local citations are a critical part of SEO and investing in them can lead to long-term results.
    • Consider reaching out to a company like apnTech for help with local citations and connecting with more customers.

    The road to attention and web traffic today goes through Google.

    Google holds more than 91% of the global search engine market. When your company is findable on Google, it can help you generate new business and revenue.

    Local citation management and optimization is a strategy that can help you win big. Here’s what you can learn about local citations and how they can be useful to you.

    What Are Local Citations?

    A local citation is any online mention of your company or brand’s name or contact information. These mentions are an excellent search engine optimization (SEO) ranking factor that can help you gain more traffic and traction.

    They bring a lot of benefits, including:

    • Helping you with consumer discovery
    • Increasing your local SEO ranking
    • Growing your brand visibility and awareness
    • Bringing in more reviews
    • Improving your company or brand’s reputation

    Garnering these local citations can help your company in the next year and beyond. You’ll get results when you follow some fundamental steps.

    Make Sure Your Info Is Accurate

    When you’re creating a business directory listing or otherwise publishing your company information online, always make sure every detail is accurate. Double-check spelling and only use working and active phone numbers.

    Consider address cardinal directions, suite numbers, zip codes, and other details. When everything is accurate, you’ll reduce confusion and make your company easier to find.

    Consider the Type of Local Citation

    When you’re going to work a local citation strategy, make sure you consider the type. There are several different types of local citations, including:

    • Platforms that are specific to geographical areas
    • Google and other search engines
    • Review sites like Yelp or sites specific to your industry
    • Social media platforms
    • Miscellaneous unstructured mentions

    Study the merit of each local citation type so that you can figure out what strategy makes sense.

    Work Your Local Citation Strategy

    Now that you understand local citations, it’s time for you to set goals and work out a strategy. One of the first things that you can do is seek listings with the major aggregators, publish listings on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Apple Maps, and get the help of submission services.

    Using a combination of these strategies can help you manage your local citations and get results from them. Consistency is king, so make sure that you are regularly updating listings and seeking leads on local citations. Doing this will help you improve your traffic and capitalize on different segments of the web.

    Understanding Local Citations in SEO

    Local citations are a critical part of SEO. The more that you invest in such critical parts of SEO, the better results you can hope to experience long-term. Take ownership of your marketing by reaching out to a company that understands the importance of these citations. From there, you can start to work on strategies for your desired outcomes.

    apnTech can help you connect with more customers and take your business to new heights. Talk to our sales team online or by calling (800)291-1577.

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