Prime Listings

Rank higher in local search

Customers are looking to connect with your local business. By providing data aggregators, directories, maps applications, Google, and Facebook with accurate public facts about your business, you’ll attract more phone calls and leads.

rank higher

Get listed everywhere

Give your customers the opportunity to find you. ApnTech submits data directly or indirectly to over 100 publishers. Each publisher listed below has its own customer base looking for exactly your type of business.

Identity verification

Be the first in your local area to take advantage of this new technology. The public facts about your company are often manipulated and changed intentionally or often times accidentally.

To solve this problem, we verify your ID ie passport or drivers license and then signal to each publisher, you are the real business owner.

Once your identity has been verified, you will receive a unique digital ID. Each publisher can then check the public facts they have about your business vs the public facts you have encoded into your ID.

Identity verification
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