Over 120 million Americans use some sort of voice assistant every month.

So, it’s important to optimize your online presence for voice search. But, what do you do?

Let’s go through how to improve your ranking with voice search.

What is Ranking With Voice Search?

Ranking with voice search refers to the process of optimizing a website or web content to rank higher in search engine results when users perform voice searches.

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Keep It Simple

People often use natural language when performing voice searches, so it’s important to use conversational language in your content. Don’t get too technical or overly wordy. Think about the ways that people actually talk.

People use voice search to find quick answers to questions, so create content that provides answers to common questions related to your business or industry.

Ensure that your titles and meta descriptions are written in a way that is easily understood by voice search virtual assistants. This will make it easier for different algorithms to interpret your website and bring it up in the search results.

Try using featured snippets, too. Featured snippets are short answers that appear at the beginning of the results page (SERP). They are often used by voice assistants to provide quick answers to voice search queries.

Optimize your content to be eligible for featured snippets by providing clear and concise answers to common questions.

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Improve Your Local Listings

In addition, voice search results often prioritize local results, so it’s important to ensure that your business has a complete and up-to-date Google My Business listing. This includes accurate information about your location, hours of operation, and contact information.

You can use local voice search SEO to your advantage. Positive customer reviews can help your website rank higher in voice search results, so encourage your customers to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. You can even offer incentives to get them to leave reviews, like discounts.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, contact voice search specialists and ask them what they recommend.

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Voice Search Optimization For Mobile

it’s important to make sure your website is designed with mobile in mind, as many voice searches are performed on mobile devices.

Mobile users expect fast load times, so it’s important to optimize your website for speed. This includes reducing the size of images, using a content delivery network (CDN), and compressing files.

Make sure your content is relevant to the keywords you’re targeting and provides value to your users. This includes using clear, concise language and including keywords naturally in your content.

Keep Track

When you’re trying to improve your search ranking, it’s important to keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t.

Use tools like Google Search Console to monitor your search rankings and track your performance. This data can help you make informed decisions about your mobile search optimization strategy.

Start Ranking With Voice Search Today

There’s a lot to do when it comes to ranking with voice search, but hopefully you’re now on the right track.

Do you want more help with voice search? Contact apnTech today for everything you need.