Rise to the Top: Tips for Improving Your Voice Search Ranking

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    Improving Voice Search Ranking Key Takeaways:

    • Voice searches require phrases and questions that make grammatical sense for the AI to bring up search results.
    • Understand your target audience’s behavior and incorporate frequently used phrases or keywords to improve voice search ranking.
    • Provide detailed and helpful answers or solutions to voice searches to keep users engaged.
    • Include FAQs on your webpage to cater to potential queries and provide instant answers.
    • Localize your content by incorporating your geolocation and making it clear where your services or products are available.
    • If your voice search ranking is not improving, analyze competition, try different keyword phrases, evaluate the quality of your links, and use analytic tools to refine your strategy.

    Having a casual conversation with computers is a norm today. Every latest invention has this technology – from Siri and Alexa to AI assistants on most websites. However, incorporating this innovative trend in your domain is not enough. Voice searches, like ordinary word searches, have to rank on search engines.

    How Can You Improve Your Voice Search Ranking?

     Here are simple tips that can be helpful in your voice search ranking-related endeavor.

    Use Conversational Keyword Phrases 

    Unlike word searches, where entering a keyword brings related items to the search engine results pages (SERPs), voice searches have to make grammatical sense for the AI to bring up search results. Short and vague phrases are the enemy of voice search SEO. 

    Instead, use questions and phrases expected in everyday conversations. For instance, “What is the distance from point A to B?” or What is this shop’s address?” Play this song.

    Understand Your Target Audience’s Behavior to Improve Voice Search Ranking 

    Find out what users are frequently voice searching about in your niche, how they phrase their queries and the words they use. The search engine is likely to rank your content higher when you incorporate frequently used phrases or keywords. Furthermore, using what your target audience goes for increases relevance and voice search ranking. 

    Aside from using common phrases and questions, you may also need to 

    • Provide detailed and helpful answers or solutions to the voice search to keep users looking into your domain.
    • Keep your explanations clear and concise – let the answer be short and to the point.
    • Create compelling content – capture your audience’s attention as they learn from your knowledge fountain. 

    Include FAQs in Your Webpage for Higher Voice Search Ranking 

    FAQs are already in question form. They are potential queries that users always inquire about in search engines. Incorporating this into your detailed content keeps users digging for more. Voice searches require instant answers. Therefore, always get to the point first. 

    Ensure the answers highlights the solution immediately after the query. Expound on the topic in a paragraph. You can also link up the FAQ in case the user wants to learn more or if the subject matter is vast. 

    You can also build pages that answer FAQs. Keep your titles in question form or phrases of voice searches in your niche. Stay on the subject matter. 

    Localize Your Content 

    The smartphone is the most utilized gadget in search engines. Users inquire about services, products, or locations in their current locale. Incorporate your geolocation in your web page content. 

    When providing explanations about queries, include your business’s location where possible. Let your audience know where they can access your services or products. Make it known you offer services remotely. 

    What Can I Do If My Voice Search Ranking is Not Improving? 

    You can refine your voice search SEO strategy if it is not working. Analyze competition. See their approaches, keywords, content value, links, and more. All these components inform their voice search ranking. 

    Change your approach. Try different keyword phrases, evaluate the quality of your links, or refresh your content. Use analytic tools to obtain relevant data on where you need to improve and areas that are doing well on your webpage. You can also use technology to refine your voice search SEO strategy.

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