5 Ways a Google My Business Account Helps You Grow Your Business

Grow Your Local Business
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    Google My Business Account Key Takeaways:

    • Having a Google My Business (GMB) Account provides customers with more information about your business, including operating hours, address, and product/service details, increasing the quality of leads and generating more foot traffic.
    • GMB allows direct interaction with customers through phone calls, messaging, and review responses, showcasing your willingness to engage and listen to customer feedback.
    • Optimized GMB profiles have a higher chance of appearing in the local “three-pack” of search results, a cost-effective way to generate more business compared to paid Google Ads.
    • A verified and complete GMB listing helps establish trust and credibility with customers, as businesses with verified information are twice as likely to be trusted.
    • GMB provides valuable insights about customer behavior, including how customers find your listing, search queries that lead to your listing, and customer actions after finding your listing.
    • Registering and verifying your business on GMB is a simple two-step process that ensures accurate information and access to your listing.
    • Taking advantage of GMB can improve your online presence, enhance customer trust, and guide future marketing efforts based on valuable data.
    • Start registering your GMB listing today to benefit from increased visibility, customer engagement, and business growth.

    Customers are increasingly using google search to find and purchase products and services. This is especially true when it comes to local search. In fact, 72% of consumers that make a local search visit a store within 5 miles!

    One way to increase your visibility in local search is by having a well-managed Google My Business Account. It’s a great tool that business owners can use to manage their business information online, rank on Google Maps for Local searches, Interact with customers and so much more.

    Your Customers Will Have More Information About You

    Here are 5 ways a Google My Business Account will help you generate more business than ever before.

    Making a Google My Business Account and verifying and claiming your business will allow you to provide information to your customers such as operating hours, street address, information about your products or services, and more. Equipping your customers with easily accessible information about you will help them find what they’re looking for, faster. This will increase the quality of your leads and get more people through your door.

    Information also gives people more confidence that you are a trustworthy business. A barebones GMB with little information besides the business name looks far less reputable than one complete with pictures, reviews, and information about the business itself.

    You Can Interact Directly With Customers

    Your GMB profile will give your customers more ways to reach out to you. By adding your phone number to the listing, searchers can call you directly to ask questions or schedule services. If you don’t want phone calls, you can even opt to have customers message you by text or through Google’s messaging service. When a user clicks the message button from a mobile device, it will open their default messaging app and they can shoot you a message immediately.

    Another way a GMB profile allows you to interact with your customers is through reviews. Any customer with a Google Account can tell other searchers about their experience with you. Once you’ve claimed your business you will be able to respond directly to these reviews. We recommend you respond to every review – positive or negative. This shows searchers that you are willing to listen to your customers even after their purchase.

    You’ll Appear Higher in Local Search Results

    Optimized Google My Business profiles have a much greater chance of appearing in the local “three-pack.” This is the section of SERPs just under the ads where Google Maps shows local businesses who match the search query.

    Since Google Ads cost money for each user that clicks on them and Google My Business is free, appearing in the “three-pack” is an incredibly cost-effective way to generate more business.

    These map pack results are obviously highly-coveted real estate for local business owners. Claiming and filling out your GMB profile will help you claim these spots for keywords that are relevant to your business.

    Google wants to show searchers the most relevant results to their queries. Making sure your GMB listing is verified and has complete and up-to-date information shows Google that you are active and ready to do business. It also helps Google know exactly what you provide and which searches you should rank for. An incomplete or unverified listing might be missing out on some high-quality traffic.

    Searchers Will Have More Trust in Your Business

    A GMB profile will make your business look relevant, reputable, and trustworthy to your customers. According to Google, customers are twice as likely to trust a business which has verified its information with Google.

    Being able to add photos and even video to your profile also helps show customers that you are an active business who is ready to serve them. One of the most difficult parts of marketing is creating trust with your customers, and a GMB profile is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do it.

    You Can Gain Valuable Insights About Your Customers

    Google My Business allows you to see a wealth of information about your online visitors. You will gain access to a wealth of information such as:

    • How customers are finding your listing

    • What search queries are showing your listing

    • How many customers are finding you on Google Search vs. Google Maps

    • What customers are doing after they’ve found your listing (visit the website, make a phone call, get directions, etc.)

    • Where customers are located when they request directions to your business

    • How many times your photos have been viewed

    You’ll gain valuable data that can help you identify new geographic markets, better understand your customers’ needs, and guide your future marketing efforts. With the help of professional Google My Business Management, you can carefully track this information over time and adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly.

    How to Register Your Business

    Taking ownership of your GMB profile is a simple two-step process. First, you must either create your business listing if one doesn’t already exist or claim an existing one. Then, you’ll need to verify it. The verification process ensures that your business information is up-to-date and that you have access to it.

    Need Assistance Getting Started Today?

    Take command of your local online presence by registering your Google My Business listing today and you can take advantage of the many benefits it offers. Customers are using Google search more and more to research products or services and ultimately decide who is worthy of their hard-earned dollars.

    Google My Business is a tool that business owners can use to manage their information, provide customers with everything they need to make an informed purchase, begin establishing trust, and improve their visibility. Registering and verifying your business is essential for local home service providers, so what are you waiting for? Get started today with apnTech.

    Local search is important for businesses because 72% of consumers who make a local search visit a store within 5 miles.

    A well-managed Google My Business Account enhances visibility in local search, helping businesses rank on Google Maps and attract more customers.

    Providing comprehensive information on your Google My Business Account, such as operating hours, address, and product/service details, enables customers to find what they need quickly, increasing lead quality and foot traffic.

    Interacting directly with customers through features like phone numbers, messaging, and reviews on your GMB profile shows responsiveness and builds trust, leading to positive customer experiences.

    Optimizing your Google My Business profile increases the likelihood of appearing in the local “three-pack” of search results, which is a cost-effective way to generate more business compared to paid ads.

    A complete and verified GMB listing demonstrates activity and relevance to Google, increasing the chances of ranking for relevant search queries and attracting high-quality traffic.

    A verified GMB profile enhances trust in a business, as customers are more likely to trust businesses that have verified their information with Google.

    Adding photos and videos to a GMB profile showcases an active and customer-centric business, establishing trust and credibility.

    Gaining valuable insights about customers through Google My Business helps businesses understand their behaviors, preferences, and locations, enabling targeted marketing efforts.

    Registering and verifying your business on Google My Business is a simple two-step process that is essential for local businesses to optimize their online presence, attract customers, and benefit from the platform’s advantages.

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